When are you opening?

We can’t wait to get this going!  Short answer, as soon as possible…most likely this fall.  

Long answer…our project has a lot of moving parts and beverage production is a highly regulated industry. The city of Collinsville has been awesome to work with, our commercial contractors and local union trades are amazing, but there is a lot of work to do to get our building up to code and our brewing and distilling equipment dialed in.  The processes for obtaining federal and state brewing/distilling permits are complex and timing difficult to predict.  

Will you serve food?

We’ll strive to be your new favorite full-service restaurant!  Freshly prepared food featuring familiar favorites, local flavors (seriously, why is Arby’s the main Collinsville restaurant featuring horseradish sauce…and why do we have to wait for Italian fest for spiedini?).  We’ll highlight local producers while offering a few tasty surprises!

Why do we need another “saloon” in Collinsville?

That’s just not what we’re about.  We will be a family-friendly,full-service restaurant experience featuring craft beers, spirits andsodas produced on-site.  We’ll also offer the best destination craft distillery tour in the country along with unique private event spaces celebrating the history of the Collinsville Herald and our city’s nearly forgotten brewing and distilling past.